US Military B-2 Stealth Bombers Deployed Within Range of North Korea

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The U.S. Air Force has deployed three B-2 stealth bombers and 200 Airmen to Guam to support Pacific Command's Bomber and Assurance Deterrence mission, according to a Pacific Air Forces statement. Both the bombers and personnel were originally from the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. The B-2s will supplement the Andersen Air Force Base's supply of B-1 Lancers.

But the US Air Force is scheduled to conduct drills in the Asia-Pacific during their deployment.

US moving B-2 stealth bombers to Guam airbase amid North Korea developments
The Air Force sends a message to North Korea with its latest deployment of firepower to Guam

The US territory of Guam, home of about 160,000 residents, hosts both a military and air base. Last summer, Guam became the target of bombing threats by the North Korean regime.

This development comes just as when the North has shown signs of rapprochement, kick-starting talks with its rival, South Korea.

North Korea has ramped up its threats to the US and its allies in both words and deeds, including successful tests of what the country claimed was a powerful hydrogen bomb and the separate test of an intercontinental ballistic missile believed capable of striking the American mainland.

But the deployment of B-2s during the Winter Olympics - and shortly after President Donald Trump taunted North Korea by tweeting January 2 that his "Nuclear Button" was bigger than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's - may be seen as inflammatory in the region.

North Korea agreed to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics, but still said they would not discuss denuclearization. "It could be a resulting work of the US -led sanctions and pressure". He made the comments while refusing questions from South Korean delegates about his regime's nuclear program, reported Fox.

Moon gave "huge credit" on Wednesday to Trump for bringing North Korea to the inter-Korea talks, and said Pyongyang's willingness to talk may be the result of USA -led sanctions and pressure.