U.S. school apologizes for 'offensive' homework

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A homework assignment asking students to "give three good reasons for slavery" that was meant to start a dialogue in a fourth grade English class has instead caused an uproar at Our Redeemer Lutheran School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

The school's letter thanked Brown-Berry for bringing the matter to their attention and said the goal of the homework was not to have students argue that there are any good reasons for slavery.

The assignment left parents of the children shocked, who were not able to understand why the English teacher gave something like this as a task. She told Fox 6 in Milwaukee, "It's highly offensive and insensitive".

Jim Van Dellen, the principal at Our Redeemer Lutheran School issued a formal apology while adding that students shouldn't have bothered to complete the assignment because there are no good reasons for slavery.

"Not only was my son in an bad position, but the students who weren't black - that's what keeps racism going", Brown-Berry said.

WKYC-TV reported that after receiving severe backlash for the homework, school administrator Jim Van Dellen, in a telephonic interview on January 10, clarified the school's stance on the subject and said that the assignment was an "unintentionally, poorly worded assignment" and that the school administration is "in active conversation with the parents".

Goodson also said that he is glad about the fact that Brown-Berry made a decision to share the homework assignment with the public.

"I feel there is no good reason for slavery that's why I did not write", his answer reads.

Principal Van Dellen vowed to better communicate sensitive subjects being discussed in class with parents before presenting it to students. The principal agreed to all of these, she said.

On Tuesday, January 9, Brown-Berry went back to Facebook to share that she felt the situation had been adequately and responsibly resolved. That is how you go about change. "And that is what I was trying to model for my son", she stated.

Meanwhile, the identity of the teacher has not been disclosed and it's unclear whether the teacher was disciplined.