Toyota and Lexus will feature Amazon Alexa in new vehicles

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But where motorists typically have to learn fairly rigid voice commands to operate the onboard enTune system, Alexa can understand and respond to much more natural speech, while also offering a much wider array of services and functions.

With Alexa's entry to Windows 10 devices, the digital assistant now poses a greater threat to Siri and Google Assistant.

Working together, Alexa and Cortana would make a very powerful team. Furthermore, previous year in November Amazon announced a suite of voice-activated work tools to allow you to bring Alexa to the office. The company told Bloomberg that it's excited about the "ability to bring Alexa to customers in a new way".

The partnership will bring to life Amazon's plans to expand its speech platform beyond one's home. From the other direction comes the Alexa for Business ecosystem, ready to work with those PCs. But it is interesting to see how Alexa would get into this same nascent space. Current users won't be missing out on Alexa, as they have promised that Alexa will be made available on select devices through updates. However, with the advent of smart home devices, Cortana's greatest weakness proved to be its lack of smart home controls. Vuzix envisions a future in which a user could walk down the street wearing its glasses, glance over at a sign for an upcoming concert, and then ask Alexa to purchase a ticket for that event.

The competition to build software people can manage with their voice is one of the hottest topics in consumer technology, drawing, in addition to Amazon and Google, the attention of giants like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung.

Google Assistant has already spread beyond the Google Home speaker and now exists as an app on mobile phones and on televisions.

Amazon's Alexa virtually dominates the voice-based AI space with a 82% market share with Google Home way behind at 18%.

Alexa could very well be the voice controlled AI interface that sets the standard that other cloud, computer and application companies must conform to.