To the delight of travel pros, Kenya Airways launching NY service

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On Thursday, 11 of January 2017, Kenya's National Carrier, Kenya Airways marked a great milestone in the history of the airline with the launch of a non-stop flight from Nairobi to NY.

Prior to the announcement of the new flight, Kenya and Kenya Airways went through stringent assessments before achieving Category 1 status for safety standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization, a requirement for direct flights to the U.S.

Kenya Airways will operate a Boeing 787-8 to New York JFK with a total capacity of 234 passengers and 16 crew members.

On Thursday, the national carrier began selling tickets for the inaugural flight, which is scheduled for October 28. Direct flights are expected to boost the numbers, with the travel time reducing from about 25 hours to about 15 hours. We are honored to contribute to the economic growth of Kenya and East Africa.

The airline will be conducting a daily flight between Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. It will land in NY the next day at 6.30 AM. Though the flight will take upwards of 15 hours, in some cases, it will afford passengers much more time at their origin and/or destination. This development will most likely enhance trade, tourism and general customer satisfaction.

The US remains Kenya's biggest tourist source market and KQ will be banking on the number of tourists as well as businessmen to make the route profitable.

The airline already serves Africa, Europe, Middle-East, Indian sub-continent and Asia. "Our guests are at the heart of everything we do at the airline and these two awards confirm our undeterred commitment to them".

The flight will connect Nairobi, Kenya's capital city and one of Africa's busiest and business-heavy cities, to one of the world's premier business hubs, New York City, which has not been possible until recently.

It continues to modernize its fleet with its 32 aircrafts being some of the youngest in Africa.