These new gadgets are stealing the show at CES

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The show formally opened last Tuesday, with media previews that began Sunday.

Last year's show drew about 185,000 attendees and 4,000 exhibitors.

As the companies like Amazon and Google enables their digital assistants' support on a broader array of products, manufacturers are expected to introduce more voice-controlled devices like speakers, and other.

While major tech companies, such as Apple and Google, typically don't make big announcements at CES, their technologies will be powering products and services from start-ups and other small companies.

Another tech firm incorporating artificial intelligence is HiRide, which will introduce a mountain bike suspension system capable of interpreting road conditions for the goal of providing a smoother ride.

Despite being a convention dedicated to incredible (and sometimes very bizarre) upcoming technology, the Consumer Electronics Show is subject to power loss like anything else.

The Consumer Technology Association, which runs CES, has issued a statement regarding the blackout saying that a preliminary assessment indicates that "condensation from heavy rainfall caused a flashover on one of the facility's transformers".

Ford Motor Co. President and CEO Jim Hackett delivers a show-opening keynote this morning, where he is expected to offer an update on plans for self-driving cars. Here are some things we expect to see at CES this year.

Previous year one of the big headlines was how the Internet of Things brought everything together with the explosive growth of the connected home. The Amazon Echo was the only real smart speaker you could get for a while, so I wouldn't be surprised to see if Alexa is one of the most popular choices by our readers.

Now in its 51st year, regions of the series look like a throwback to another age. In a bid to get consumers to upgrade sooner, higher-end models will come with fancy technologies going by such names as "4K", "HDR" and "OLED". Its usage is increasing in mobile and wearable devices.

Robots have been a mainstay on the CES show floor, but they are much more of a novelty than an actual item. "The most popular exhibits, however, are from our companies like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics that display the most advanced technologies".

A sampling of human blood has turned up a surprise: most people could be immune to one of the world's biggest advances in genetic engineering.