Santa Delivered Many Smart Speakers In 2017

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Google Assistant has been around a while, and one of the things it was lacking was a dedicated, comprehensive directory on the web that tells you what it can do.

A number of carmakers have introduced Amazon Alexa voice commands that can activate the locks and climate control on their cars, but Toyota is going a step further with Alexa integration by bringing Alexa into the auto. LG, Lenovo, Sony and JBL are all integrating Google Assistant into so-called Smart Displays, which will let you interact with the Assistant in new ways.

Finding products are important. Amazon has also earlier launched Alexa Mobile Accessory kit, opening the gates for Alexa to headphones, smartwatches and fitness devices.

Alexa will start YouTube videos with a simple voice command, make video calls via Google Duo, spot a specific photo in Google Photos. There's a comment section where you can post your questions - and we'll be happy to help you find the best answer for you and for your home. Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto are also installed on many vehicles. To that end, if Google Assistant is going to be pervasive, then it has to be in a lot of different devices - not just in terms of functionality, but also form.

Following in the footsteps of Ford, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, Toyota is now bringing Amazon's Alexa personal assistant to its future infotainment systems. To set them apart from previous entries aesthetically, however, both will be available with a distinctive finish.

Every query Amazon's Alexa gets is one Google loses; and Amazon is playing the same game, using its own virtual butler to lure in as many Prime subscribers as it can.

CES 2018 provided a platform for the display provider Vuzix which has been trying to make a fresher, advanced model of Google glasses for quite some time now and seems to have finally succeeded.

The consolidated database is excellent for people new to the Google Assistant ecosystem and want to skim through its abilities.

Google isn't really a hardware company.