Samsung's new QLED TVs may have black levels to rival OLED

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However this isn't the real point of Samsung's big new HDR 4K TV and its 146 inch screen, No, what Samsung really wants from such a massive piece of home entertainment technology lots of attention to its size during a major consumer electronics event (VES 2018), so that the company can then showcase all the cool new display technologies that "The Wall" comes with and let buyers judge for themselves if they'd be willing to pay premium prices for the same things in the more ordinary-sized 4K HDR TVs that emerge in 2018 and maybe 2019.

"You have millions for a single display", he said. "But the general reaction by foreign media is that Samsung and LG dominated other global companies in the TV and display sectors, which are the cores of CES". It's very similar to the technology used in scoreboards and jumbo screens, but scaled for home use. That is something you would only expect from a projected screen.

The 4K OLED display looks like a normal TV screen, but the back has small vertical slats which allow it to roll. While these TVs may not be available right now, they point to what might come in the future, CNN said, quoting Patrick Moorhead, president of tech analysis firm Moor Insight & Strategy.

Demonstrated at CES, the "Wall" as the company calls it is made up of tiles of microLEDs seamlessly jointed together and is described as a modular product.

It says the device is its first-ever MicroLED television for consumers.

There's little difference in the design of the screens, but the newer models have hardware improvements throughout, and a new artificial intelligence platform called ThinQ, which supports LG's own DeepThinQ AI as well as market leading assistants from Google and Amazon. According to Samsung: "Users can add or remove modules to make their TV bigger or smaller, in any configuration, removing previous limitations on screen size, with zero impact on performance of the display".

Samsung has not yet revealed details on pricing itself.

The 146-inch size might seem random, but it's actually just tall enough to be able to cover most home walls from the floor to the ceiling.

LG's new line of 4k OLED TVs range in size from 55 to 77 inches.