Rick Carlisle fires back against LaVar Ball's comments

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"Los Angeles has given up hope on unloading Luol Deng's contract in a trade because it would simply necessitate attaching too many draft assets", he stated. President Trump was brushed aside.

Facing what felt like a must-win against the worst team in the National Basketball Association with the possibility of things spiraling further out of control, the Lakers avoided adding fuel and speculation to what LaVar Ball said by not matching the franchise's record low of 10 straight losses.

Opposing coaches have weighed in with everything from friendly, if unsolicited, advice to full-throttle rip jobs of LaVar. Like Julius Randle. But not people like LaVar Ball. He won't be the last. Though LiAngelo would have been viable weapon, UCLA is doing fine without him. He's a grown man. He isn't a high school kid or even a college freshman so clueless to the ways of the world that he'd shoplift in China.

That is where he has struggled in the past, going head-to-head against bigger and more talented adversaries.

This one is such a simple pass that it can be hard to appreciate what Ball does to make the play happen. "She knows when to be supportive and she has been really great to work with". It's called being an adult.

Ball also complained about the usage of his eldest son, Lonzo, continuing the behavior he has shown regarding all three of his sons at every level of competition. "Nobody wants to play for him". I thought what Rick said was terrific. Amusing line. But what if it becomes true?

The younger brother also racked up his share of bricks. And though Gregg Popovich's squad could be without a few key players, including All-Star Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs have a knack for finding ways to win, regardless of who is available. These days, he is known as Klay Thompson's dad and a radio broadcast voice with the Lakers.

It would be better for the Lonzo and the Lakers if LaVar would mind his own business and let his son develop into the player that he wants to become rather than putting more pressure on the rookie. Instead, he stays quiet.

In the world of sports, LaVar Ball is one of a kind. "I wouldn't even try that". This aroused a series of counterblasts between father and son while Lonzo attempted to distance himself from all the raucous.

"You can see they're not playing for Luke no more", Ball said.

Maybe Lonzo Ball feels he can't do any better than the Lakers have in trying to stop his father from spouting off to the media, but there's nothing stopping him from making it clear he doesn't agree with him or at least pushing harder to defuse the situation.

If the Lakers fail to sign any star players, they will not only be left without certain solid players who were given up to free money, but also will face a hard offseason as the team does not own a first round draft pick due to a previous trade, unable to further improve the team with young assets for the future.