Port Authority bombing suspect pleads not guilty to terror charges

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A Bangladeshi immigrant still recovering from injuries suffered in the failed pipe bombing of the NY subway system pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges Thursday.

Defense lawyer Amy Gallicchio said Ullah, who is now held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center federal jail in Manhattan, needed medical attention for painful stitches that were "embedded" in his skin and for a medical dressing that hadn't been changed recently.

According to the report, Akayed spoke very little during his appearance in federal court.

He has also been charged with one count each of bombing and attempting to bomb a place of public use and a public transportation system; destruction and attempted destruction of property by means of fire or explosives; conducting and attempting to conduct a terrorist attack against a mass transportation system.

"We have to balance the need for speed with a need to give you the opportunity to prepare your defense", Sullivan said to Ullah, who answered several yes-or-no questions from the judge.

The judge said she should make her requests first of prison authorities and return to the judge only if they don't respond.

The bearded Ullah was the only person seriously hurt when the bomb went off December 11 in a corridor linking the subway to Manhattan's Port Authority bus terminal. He and three others were injured in the attack.

"When we have an indictment containing charges like this, I think it's easy to lose sight of the important and invaluable rights that every person is afforded in our system of justice, including Mr. Ullah", Gallicchio said.

Before the blast, Ullah posted messages to his Facebook page referring to ISIS and taunting President Donald Trump.

Ullah told police officers after the blast that he "did it for the Islamic State", according to the criminal complaint. Investigators say he strapped the device to himself with Velcro and zip ties.

Ullah migrated from Bangladesh some six years ago on a family visa.

Trump has taken the attack to drum support for his immigration ban, which, the White House said, would have prevented the attacker from entering the US.