Nintendo Switch Getting Remake of Classic DS RPG

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In case you haven't heard, Dark Souls is making its way to current-generation platforms in a new version of the game aptly titled Dark Souls: Remastered. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition will be releasing on the Switch this Spring.

FromSoftware's Dark Souls gained fame, or rather infamy, for being a challenging title that was unforgiving to players that made mistakes. The update being released in February will also add three new outfits to the game - a Super Mario Sunshine-inspired outfit, a musician outfit, and a knight armor.

Bandai Namco is putting together a Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set for PlayStation 4 featuring the newly-announced Dark Souls Remastered plus Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition, and all three game soundtracks (with background music) on CD.

Another platform for the Nintendo Switch sees you controlling Madeline as she takes on the risky Celeste Mountain. It came out a year ago on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and it's headed to Nintendo Switch this summer. Mario Tennis Aces will be out this Spring.

Super Mario Odyssey will be getting a free update next month. With Luigi, players will have access to Balloon World mode, a competitive mode that will see players hiding balloons for other players to find.

Payday 2 Payday 2was already announced for Nintendo Switch before Nintendo Direct, however, Nintendo has announced a release date for the game.

It's a ladies-only affair with SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

Plus, the Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 see a new playable character named Joy a Japanese computer whiz who wears a custom LED light mask that changes her appearance as she sees fit. Don't worry if you're Switch-less; it's also coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC the same day. Developers have updated these games with easier modes in order for all the players to be able to play it.

Fe and Celeste More third-party titles for Nintendo Switch announced at the event.

The original Dark Souls turns seven this year, and we're just now starting to feel the full weight of its influence. There's Assist Mode which lets you tweak different facets of its difficulty such as pace and damage taken along with B-side chapters that have greater challenges.