Local Red Cross volunteer returns from deployment in Puerto Rico

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Only a few other companies make those solutions, and supplies never fully recovered after a 2014 shortage of saline bags.

"Everything is hard to get because people are getting whatever they can", said Deborah Sadowski, director of pharmacy services at Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a specialized hospital in southern New Jersey.

Baxter Puerto Rico, a medical company, was heavily damaged in the extreme weather event; moreover, it is responsible for supplying the majority of hospitals in the USA, including some here in Alaska, with IV product.

More than 20 US electric companies, including Xcel Energy, are assisting in the restoration effort, adding 1,500 workers to a project that involves more than 5,000 people.

"We continue to deal with shortages by working with team members to change practices and prescribing habits that in turn help to preserve the products that we have for those who clinically have no other alternatives", Dr.

Months after Hurricane Maria, many in Puerto Rico are still living in devastation and many businesses are struggling to catch up, including a medical supply company that serves hospitals nationwide.

Tennova Healthcare, Fort Sanders Regional Hospital and the University of Tennessee Medical Center all told 10News they are making adjustments to deal with the shortage.

The tidal wave of assistance pouring in from individuals and charitable institutions from CT is much appreciated, they said. "I don't foresee any of our patients being affected by this", stated Dr. Bunch. Despite the lack of leadership, however, they said "miracles" are happening everyday as the people of Puerto Puerto Rico respond heroically to the challenges. "If someone needs intravenous fluids, they definitely get intravenous fluids".

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