Lawyer for Gophers' Reggie Lynch digs in over UMN sex-misconduct findings

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Lynch was arrested and briefly jailed on May 8, 2016, after a woman accused him of raping her. Prosecutors eventually decided they did not have enough evidence to charge that case.

"He fully cooperated with a university investigation on his own without the presence of a lawyer; he attended multiple interviews with university individuals on his own where he was asked clarifying questions", attorney Ryan Pacyga said at a news conference.

The third woman coming forward against Lynch "resulted in a January 3 finding by the U's Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) that Lynch was responsible for sexual misconduct in an alleged sexual assault that occurred on April 7, 2016", Olson and Stahl wrote.

Lynch has faced three different allegations of sexual misconduct that were investigated by the university, and he was suspended indefinitely by the athletic department last week.

Lynch was suspended from games last week but allowed to continue practicing while he appeals.

Pacyga became Lynch's attorney on Tuesday afternoon, about 24 hours before the news conference, replacing Lynch's previous attorney, Lee Hutton.

The lawyer for University of Minnesota basketball player Reggie Lynch says he denies all sexual assault allegations against him.

Pacyga also said he's afraid for clients like Lynch in these situations because in the current sexual harassment and sexual assault climate, there is a rush to judgment.

"What's particularly troubling for Reggie Lynch is that these allegations came approximately 18 months after the alleged conduct", Pacyga said.

The accuser, who wished only to be identified as Alex, called Pacyga's discussion of her case a "violation of privacy". The apparent lack of respect for victims of sexual assault in general made me fearful to report. "I will continue to tell the truth about what happened to me". The case ended with five players cleared, one suspended for one year and four expelled. Pacyga said the allegation resulting in a suspension recommendation involves digital penetration, while the allegation resulting in the expulsion recommendation involves forced intercourse and oral sex. "... Had these incidents been reported in a timely manner, Reggie Lynch could have been vindicated". They would look for all of these scientific methods that we have the technology to do that can either incriminate someone or clear their name. "How do you get a fair hearing right now?"