Intel Unveils 'Tangle Lake' 49-Qubit Quantum Chip at CES

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Krzanich said updates will be available for 90 percent of its products in the coming days and the for the rest by the end of January, and urged all computer users to update as quickly as possible. In autonomous driving, he unveiled Intel's first autonomous vehicle in its 100-car test fleet and disclosed that BMW, Nissan, and Volkswagen are moving their Mobileye-based mapping design wins to actual deployments.

The company also signed new partnerships with Chinese automaker SAIC Motor and digital mapping company NavInfo to collect the same data within the Chinese market.

Krzanich said: "We are still discovering new ways to apply the power of AI and data. That is why we built Intel Studios, which is the most advanced data-driven content creation studios", Mr. Krzanich said. But before that, it is going it change how we view sports, entertainment and gaming.

And this data is the future of Intel, till now known as more of a PC-centric company.

The move, which was allegedly held while Intel knew about the vulnerabilities, left Krzanich with just 250,000 shares - the bare minimum required by Intel under the terms of his employment. These advances, including quantum and neuromorphic computing, have the potential to help industries, research institutions and society solve problems that now overwhelm today's classical computers.

In addition to Intel firmware updates, the Meltdown and Spectre flaws also generally require operating system updates.

Loihi is Intel's first "neuromorphic" chip - meaning, it can mimic the way a human brain learns and understands.

Intel has big plans to steer toward new business in self-driving cars, virtual reality and other cutting-edge technologies. By using these quantum chips, Intel and others believe that they can solve problems of much higher complexity than traditional silicon microprocessors-though Intel and its rivals have invested billions in continually improving those chips.

The Ferrari Challenge broadcast will use the processing power of Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the neonTM framework for deep learning not only to transcode, identify objects and events, and stream the experience to viewers online, but also to mine the resulting data for further insights for drivers and fans.

The CEO held up Intel's latest quantum test chip, the 49-qubit "Tangle Lake" processor that brings Intel into greater competition with the likes of IBM-which reportedly has a 50-qubit chip that it brought to CES-Google and Microsoft, all of which are putting large amounts of resources and money into quantum computing initiatives. He announced the debut of Intel Studios, a new studio dedicated to the production of large-scale, volumetric content - using Intel True View technology - that will create new forms of visual storytelling with and without VR. We're told it's broadcasting thirty events from the Winter Olympics in South Korea in a month's time, both live and on-demand in VR.

The degree of cooperation between Intel and other chipmakers has been phenomenal.