EVERYTHING you need to know about tonight's Celebrity Big Brother live show

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"I would say [it's] like the Kinsey scale with sexuality from zero to six, where zero is exclusively heterosexual and six is exclusively homosexual".

Men followed the ladies in later in the week, including Act, a.k.a Shane Jenek.

"Where my approach to you would be a bit more tip toey and afraid to ask the wrong question in case I offended you".

"Think about me, think about my hormones, I've only got a few years left of fancying boys".

Celebrity Big Brother 2018
Ashley Jess and India

The first eviction will take place on Friday 12th January, with the female celebrities revealing during Tuesday's episode their nominations for who they want to leave the house.

"I do feel women like me have been sort out drowned out by the LGBT narrative". I respect her right to have her opinions.

Malika nominated Andrew Brady and Ann Widdecombe, while Rachel Johnson nominated India Willoughby and Jonny Mitchell.

And on last night's show, she compared drag to blackface and said it was offensive to her.

Conversations about sexual harassment, transphobia and sexual preference have intersected this week after singer Ginuwine was the subject of backlash for his encounter with journalist India Willoughby. "But because I'm a trans woman".

Speaking to the rest of the housemates, she said "The fact Ginuwine here is happy to go with women, but wouldn't feel comfortable going with me".

If you have never heard of Drag Race or have never seen it, start watching it ASAP and you can thank us later.

Another tweeter said: "Calling out bullsh*t showmances are one of my favourite parts of #cbb but I actually think Ashley might like Ginuwine".

As Ashley and Jess discussed Ginuwine's feelings for the MIC star, India was in the Diary Room explaining how she couldn't wait for people to get their claws out.

"For some reason we just ended up on the couch last night for hours just talking so we definitely made some type of connection, friends, I don't know, whatever, but we really made a nice connection and I like that".