Districts receiving grants for accepting students from Puerto Rico

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When the storm hit Puerto Rico in September, it disrupted production at one of the island's major suppliers of IV bags, CBS News reports.

Supplies for many of those bags come from factories in Puerto Rico.

"If you have a shortage it could be life threatening" AMR Chief EMS Officer Scott Karaszewski said.

For instance, the IV fluid shortage led to some pharmacy's dividing larger IV fluid bags into smaller bags to serve more patients.

Puerto Rican government officials said they hope to have power restored to the rest of the island by the end of Spring.

FPL line workers are joining acrewalready on the ground helping restore service to one of seven regions on the island, Orlove said. No problem. Cruz said they used lettuce instead.

"Speakers will offer an overview of Puerto Rico's history and complex relationship with the USA, explain the importance of this context for understanding the effects of the hurricane (and) the obstacles for rebuilding and discuss what you can do to act in solidarity with our fellow citizens", said Lynd.

"We were able to communicate with providers in our hospital to make sure we used those bags more conservatively and order as much as we can when the opportunity arises", Kim said.

"A lot of those folks now are saying that the infrastructure will take so long to get rebuilt in Puerto Rico, that they more than likely are not going to move back to Puerto Rico", said Earnie Meily, vice president of organizational development at Bell & Evans, a Fredericksburg organic chicken producer that employees many people from the island.

"Every single patient has gotten exactly the fluid and the care that they needed", he said.

KU Hospital said they are absorbing this price and not passing it on to customers. To see more, visit WNPR News.

The strength-in-numbers approach also is part of the solution at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

BJC HealthCare has been centrally monitoring and internally managing the shortage since the plants shut down, and we have optimized our inventory over the past several months.

We continue to closely manage our inventory on a daily basis.

"The fact that the plants are back on the grid is encouraging but we don't know their level of production or output", Thompson said.