Viral Video App Vine Is Coming Back

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He is now working on Version 2 of the app which shut down permanently in 2016 shortly after Instagram started to allow users to upload videos.

A cryptic new tweet from Vine founder Don Hofmann suggests another version could be in the works.

It's been nearly a year since the first Vine was shut down, despite the popularity of the app and its six-second format, which led some creators to experience their content going viral in the form of a short clip. The executive has been teasing a new project related to Vine since last week.

On January 17 of this year, Twitter officially shut down the service, after encouraging users to download their archived chips before the app was turned into another sharing tool. For now Dom has no released any further information other than that Vine 2 is in the works. It is not yet clear whether the other two co-founders of the platform will join the initiative.

What do we know about Vine 2?

Hoffman has disclosed that he is funding the making of V2 with his own money. Hofmann also said he would fund the project himself, and that he'll share more as it develops.

With the new tool, users could upload their creations to Twitter right from the new app, if the accounts are linked, or by going through the social media site. Many users still aren't over the loss of the app.

Upon learning the news of the potential return of Vine, many on the Twitter community rejoiced and expressed their excitement for the new video feature. It was mostly considered a medium for a diverse set of creators to shape online comedy with looping, six-second videos.

The video app which exploded as a popular social media platform, with cross pollination all over the internet, is coming back.