Tahirul Qadri urges PAT workers to remain ready for protest

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Asif Ali Zardari, on behalf of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), has demanded of immediate resignation of Shehbaz Sharif as well as Rana Sanaullah after the Model Town incident report made public.

The former President said PPP will carry out protests if Shehbaz Sharif doesn't resign. "After the [Justice Najafi] report, he stands condemned and a condemned person is not capable of being the chief minister of the largest province of Pakistan".

Earlier today, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan expressed his support to the PAT chief. "We have no issue in forging an alliance with Dr Sahib, [and] for this we only need his [Qadri's] nod", Zardari remarked.

Sana and other government functionaries are claiming that Justice Najfi'f report has not fixed responsibility and it has not blamed anyone by name for the police massacre. The force which was sent used unlawful means. Indeed Model Town tragedy was a regrettable incident and the inquiry report on it is equally disappointing but still we understand the PAT chief should rather pursue the legal course instead of agitation as in the recent past the protests by a religious party both in Lahore and Islamabad have already greatly harmed the country.

According to sources, the PPP co-chairman had a telephonic conversation with the PAT chief on Wednesday night and assured Qadri of extending his support. The two also agreed to bring those responsible for the incident to justice.

Asked if the PPP and PAT could make an electoral alliance, the PPP leader said leaders of both parties had so far discussed only the Model Town massacre and the situation emerged in Muslim world after USA acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

The opposition leader said there is nothing new about the meeting and the two parties have been in contact previously too.

He repeated before the media and his workers the important points of the Model Town report in which the tribunal pointed fingers at Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah and Shahbaz Sharif and claimed that the transfer of IG Balochistan to Punjab shows that federal government led by then PM Nawaz Sharif is also involved in the massacre. "Both of them should be put behind bars immediately as Justice Baqir Najafi's report exposed all their lies about the incident", he said. People in fact are also fed up of such frequent calls for protest demonstrations and sit-ins.