Starbucks Debuts Christmas Tree Frappuccino For The Holidays & We're In Love

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Starbucks is now serving the Christmas Tree Frappuccino.

If you want to try to make a healthier version of the drink, Keatley recommends asking the barista to split it into two cups and share it with a friend. While it may seem odd to want a cold drink when the temps are dropping, once you see it you'll understand. The tree's garland is made from caramel drizzle while the ornaments are candied cranberries.

Yup. It is quite literally a Christmas tree on top of a deliciously cool Frappuccino. The cherry on top is the tree topper, which is actually a strawberry.

But the festive drink is only around for a limited time, so get to your local Starbucks STAT. It's available now through December 11.

The Frappuccino is just a sweet snack treat, it does not have any coffee in it. The Frappuccino base, although not particularly Christmas-coloured, tasted like pure peppermint-chocolate bliss.

It may not have the caffeine fix you're looking for but it'll definitely give you an extra rush of sugar during the holidays. Now that Christmas is coming soon, it's only natural that we are introduced to the Christmas Tree Frappuccino. It's also topped with whipped cream and Caramel Brulée topping.

Starbucks is doing a Christmas Tree Frapp starting tomorrow. The base is a Peppermint Mocha Creme Frappuccino, one of the better Frappuccinos on the menu, and it artfully balances sweet, minty, and mocha flavors. All you can do at that point is drink it and what's the point of that?