Sia Opens Up About Exposing Maddie Ziegler to Fame

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Sia, 41, has often covered her face and kept herself from being seen publicly. Bonnie points out that while over the past couple of years as Sia has hidden with large, oversized wigs, she has seemingly let Maddie be exposed. "I do check in with Maddie weekly about whether she wants this, and assure her if she ever wants it to stop it stops", Sia wrote. Not just myself but all directors, stage parents and agents.

Unfortunately, Sia just got slammed for thrusting Maddie into the spotlight while staying back in the shadows in a story written by The Guardian.

Sia discovered Ziegler while watching the reality show "Dance Moms".

The singer acknowledged the ethical concerns in allowing children to make such choices for themselves, but said "I do try to choose the best for her always".

Yet the video for Elastic Heart, which co-starred actor Shia LaBeouf, caused a stir when people criticised the singer for sexualising the then 12-year-old starlet alongside a grown man.

Following the criticism, Sia addressed the article on Twitter Wednesday night.

But Furler wrote that fame "affects her differently than how it affected me". But I think this is an important conversation'. Sia also told fans that she has learned Ziegler doesn't appear to be affected by fame in the same way she is, and that she can only take Ziegler's insistence that she's feeling comfortable at face value. But until we hear from Maddie herself, we won't exactly know her perspective.

Posing on a beach in front of Rangitoto before the concert on Tuesday, Ziegler told her followers she was "a little bit obsessed" with New Zealand. Not to a "perfect blank slate" but to a minor who is yet to learn about, or tame, the monster'.

Dance genuinely seems to be Maddie's passion - and we're sure if things were to change, the songstress would place her well-being as a priority.

"I don't want to be critiqued about the way that I look on the Internet", she once said on Nightline.

Maddie's performance in Chandelier has been viewed nearly 1.7 billion times since it was released in 2014.

She later starred in the video "Cheap Thrills" and has also accompanied Sia on tour and at other events.

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