Lexus to unveil new 'flagship' crossover concept in Detroit

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Named the LF-1 Limitless, the "flagship crossover" could pave the way for the next RX, or even sit above it as a rival to the Range Rover. Highlights include taillights that stretch across the width of the vehicle's rear, a two-piece roof spoiler, a sculpted rear section, blue-illuminated badging and digital displays in the cabin. There are similarities to Toyota's striking C-HR compact crossover around the angular C-pillar and rear window line.

The LF-LC was considered something of a design breakthrough at the time, and the teaser image of the LF-1 follows a similar theme with a heavily stylized rear hatch and lots of curves and angles, which certainly suggest a crossover along similar lines to the LF-LC.

We'll know for sure when the Lexus LF-1 Limitless makes the trek from the automaker's CALTY design studio in Southern California to the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Lexus has been introducing every new model with a hybrid drivetrain option and we would expect that in this case as well.

Lexus describes the concept as a flagship model, suggesting that the auto, in production terms, would be an SUV coupé sitting above the range-topping RX, much like the positioning of the Audi Q8 in comparison with the Q7. The blue lighting around the Lexus badge on the bootlid suggests that the LF-1 may boast a hybrid powertrain - potentially based around the 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine found in the RX SUV, which now tops the Lexus crossover range. Lexus' preferred petrol-electric hybrid powertrains would be favourites to form the mainstay of the engine range.