High school shooting leaves 2 students dead

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The police told media conference Thursday afternoon that two students and a male shooter were dead following high school shooting in USA northwest state of New Mexico.

The San Juan County Sheriff's Office says the FBI and the state police are leading the investigation. "They are in our thoughts and prayers", NMSP said on Twitter. She didn't provide more details.

As the noise got louder and closer, school officials warned over the intercom system that it wasn't a drill.

The teacher had locked the door as he normally does and the students hid in a corner of the room.

After the shooting began, the school was placed on lockdown, and police swept through the buildings, clearing them one by one.

Police arrived at the school less than a minute after getting the initial calls, which came shortly after the start of first period. With the school in lockdown, they got inside through a window and a door.

With police surrounding the school, parents were forced to wait until school buses finally dropped off students to be reunited with their families at McGee Park.

David Stone, 16, and Heaven Angelica Hughes, 15, huddled with friends in below-freezing temperatures to light candles and exchange stories.

Aztec is about 290 km northwest of Albuquerque, state capital of New Mexico. Its main street is lined by old brick buildings that date back more than a century.

Officials previously said all three were students. They also were asking any students who might have seen something to call police.

The shooting happened at Aztec High, a school with about 1,000 students near the Colorado border.

Across the state, at the Capitol in Santa Fe, members of the Legislative Finance Committee observed a moment of silence as word circulated of the school shooting.