Fade to Silence is THQ Nordic's dark new PC survival game

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Indeed it has in the form of THQ Nordic's new character-driven Survival RPG, Fade to Silence.

"As the player you take the role of Ash, a natural but tormented leader".

In a big departure for the studio responsible for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and the recent Bubsy reboot, Black Forest Games will release Fade to Silence into Early Access next week. "In that role you explore a post-apocalyptic, frozen wasteland to gather the resources necessary to establish a refuge for survival", the description reads. Also scattered around the environment are monsters called Eldritch, which you'll have to avoid until you construct strong enough equipment to battle them.

It appears that both of THQ Nordic's surprises for this year's The Video Games Awards have been leaked. Much of your survival will depend on how well you read weather patterns and whether you decide to seek shelter or press on.

It is set to release on Steam Early Access on December 14, 2017 with a final release scheduled for August 2018.

"Players will continually struggle to navigate dynamic, accumulating snow, real-time snow trails, and completely immersive weather effects such as blizzards", said Black Forest Games' managing director Adrian Goersch. "This telltale sign will tell you regions where it is good to hunt and regions where monsters are roaming".

The Steam page now does not list a price for Fade to Silence.