DC FILMS Staff Shake-Up Following JUSTICE LEAGUE Performance

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Change is on the horizon. Johns, is also closely involved with the comic book, television and consumer products aspects of DC, explained at the time that, "My job is to help other Warner Bros. divisions work with DC".

Berg's exit comes after the latest DC feature, Zach Snyder's Justice League, is underperforming at the box office, grossing $572.1 million globally to date.

Johns is expected to continue serving as DC Entertainment's chief creative officer, but his contributions to the films may evolve and "could be more advisory in nature" according to Variety.

Word is Berg never wanted to oversee the entire division for Warner Bros., and approached the studio about adopting a producer role nearly six months ago. "I first met Jon when, as a producer, he brought "Elf" to New Line, which remains one of the best and most evergreen titles in the library".

It's also said that Warner Bros.

Studio executives Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will no longer lead Warner's DC Comics films, a year after they were put in charge of the franchise.

With Justice League performing well below expectations with just $571 million worldwide so far, there's a DC shake up in the works, as Jon Berg will be leaving Warner Bros.to partner with producer Roy Lee, who has a deal on the lot. This is how the superhero properties are developed and overseen at Fox and Sony, whereas Marvel Studios has its own independent office despite reporting to Disney. "We're thrilled that Jon is partnering with Roy and anticipate their company being a valuable source of movies for Warner Bros. and New Line".

The decision for restructuring, of course, follows after those at Time Warner (Warner Bros.' corporate leaders) expressed that they are "unhappy with the financial performance of Justice League". Troubles on Justice League first began as an early cut of the film by Zack Snyder was screened for studio executives (which we now know DID feature the famous black suit for Superman) who were reportedly alarmed by its dark tone, which had been a major criticism of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"Justice League" was a letdown after Warner turned out a hit in June with "Wonder Woman", which generated $822 million worldwide, with about half coming from the USA and Canada. So while Snyder maintains a production deal with the studio as he develops The Last Photograph, I wouldn't necessarily expect him to return to the DCEU anytime soon.