Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal's Entry Makes Priyank Sharma Teary Eyed

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She started off with "Remember Me" but ended up crying in front of him and saying that he has hurt a lot of girls including her. She orders the housemates to behave.

Bigg Boss is convincingly India's one of the most controversial TV Shows, for its fumes and fights, there is no replacement in terms of conflicts.

Arshi Khan's father was the first visitor. While Vikas gets emotional, Shilpa makes him laugh.

Then in a heart touching gesture, Rocky tells Hina that he has given his heart to her and how much he loves her. As we revealed, Shilpa's mother enters the house and advises all the housemates not to abuse others. He acts as the unofficial "big boss" of the house, and others turn to him, from time to time, for suggestions of strategy. Interestingly, Arshi's father even got confused between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde as well.

She then quizzes Luv if he has anyone special out there but he refuses to reply. He particularly praised Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan.

She also tells Priyank that no one's his friend inside the house apart from Vikas and even asks him to listen to him.

Not only this, he also told Arshi to change her hairstyle now, may be tie her hair in a pony which will give her an all new look. She called Hiten "spineless" for not favouring her and her team and for not taking any stand in the game. "Aise hi chattaan ki tarah khadi rahiye (Keep standing tall like a rock)", Arshi's father wishes Shilpa. And looking at her the "frozen" Shilpa was so overwhelmed that tears rolled down the side of her face and she couldn't stop them. Soon after Divya left, Priyank broke down. He could only run after her when she made an exit from the house.

She tells him that she hasn't come to de-motivate him. "You don't need anyone, you are enough for yourself", she adds.

Well, great things have humble (or bratty) beginnings and Priyank is a yet another proof of that.

Divya Breaks Up With Priyank In The House!

Luv gets irritated with Divya's words (as she asks Priyank not to play in group), while Hina tries to tell Luv that it was her views. Luv asks him as to what Divya was telling, while Priyank remains clueless!