This year's YouTube Rewind video is quite the ride

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Head over to the YouTube Rewind channel to watch all the best YouTube videos of 2017. The show, called The Mask Singer, requires performers to wear elaborate masks to hide their identities. The man in the mask sings "Until We Will Become Dust", which starts out as a ballad and eventually breaks into a rap.

Thankfully, AI and machine learning have come to the rescue, assisting in the removal of 98 percent of extremist videos by flagging them, and helping YouTube take down 70 percent of such clips within eight hours of their being uploaded.

The award for YouTube's top trending video of the year goes to one from Thailand called "Until We Will Become Dust - Oyster Mask", a clip of a performance from a singing competition show called The Mask Singer, in which competitors wear elaborate masks to hide their identities.

"Now, we are applying the lessons we've learned from our work fighting violent extremism content over the past year in order to tackle other problematic content".

With more than 118 million views, Los Angeles-based choreographer Kyle Hanagami's "Shape of You" routine is the most-viewed choreography video on the platform ever, according to YouTube.

The America's Got Talent judging panel was so impressed by Darci Lynne Farmer's ventriloquist routine that they sent her straight to the live shows by pressing the coveted Golden Buzzer.

And, if snagging top place wasn't good enough - Mick made it into the list twice, with the original upload of the song coming in at sixth.

- Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI halftime performance. Advertisers who buy into these bad boys can't choose where their ads will go. It's basically years of science and social studies classes compressed into 20 minutes and translated for the internet era. Overall, it is the most-viewed video in YouTube history, with over four billion views to date. No surprise here: "Despacito" took the crown.

Ireland's most watched videos of 2017 have been announced by YouTube. Also worth noting is that six of the top 10 are sung in Spanish.