This Gigantic Avocado Discovered in Hawaii Could Break a World Record

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A woman in Hawaii has contacted Guinness World Records to see if she may have the world's heaviest avocado.

Wang found the 5.23-pound avocado on her daily walk to pick up her newspaper in the city of Kealakekua, Hawaii.

Wang said she picks up avocados every day, but this one was hard to miss.

Wang has since submitted the giant avo to the Guinness World Records in the hope of getting it officially named the world's largest.

"Smashed avocado" on toast has become a popular breakfast among young people in the West.

The found fruit is a special variety called Daily 11, which is usually three times larger than the standard Hass avocado.

Pamela Wang of Kealakekua, Hawaii says she stumbled upon the 5-pound avocado during a walk. He revealed: "I've seen [avocados] longer and I've seen them fatter, but not both".

"I think people have other ones that they don't weigh, but I think this one, it was way up there", he added.

Wang said she found the avocado under a tree that hangs over a street.

"According to our database, the current record for the heaviest avocado is 2.19 kilograms (4 pounds 13.2 ounces)", a Guinness representative confirmed to TODAY via email. Anything overhanging or dropped outside a private property line is free for anyone to claim.

After showing the avocado to friends and local experts, she discovered that the avocado could be the largest one on record.

"We can confirm that we have received an application for the Guinness World Records title of heaviest avocado", a representative for Guinness World Records told TODAY Food when asked about Wang's submission.

Local farmers now hold world records for the heaviest jackfruit and soursop, a fruit that occurs in the American tropics, and a local farmer also once held the record for the heaviest mango, he said.