This 6-year-old is the most lovely girl on earth?

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Indeed, it's this 500K-plus group, and scores more, have deemed Anastasia Knyazeva of Russian Federation as the most handsome girl in the world.

Anastasia Knyazeva, a 6-year-old child from Russian Federation has been labeled as the "most attractive girl in the world" and already has a huge fan following. And sure enough, each of them receives hundreds of comments from the kids' legions of fans.

People are already predicting that Anastasia will be a successful model - but let's make one thing clear here; this girl is a child.

Her mum has been running her Instagram account since she was just four, and fans constantly flood the comments section with adoring words. Her photos get hundreds of likes and numerous half-a-million followers comment on her piercing blue eyes, calling her the most attractive girl in the world. Thankfully, the modelling world suited Thylane, who has since been shot for Vogue, and all seemingly worked out well.

While most 6-year-old girls are playing with Barbies and dollhouses, Anastasia is busy completing high-profile modeling assignments in hopes of becoming the next Irina Shayk.

At the moment, a French girl of 16 years, 12 of which she works as a model.

"I hope she gets to be a child, she is handsome. but there are a lot of Monsters in this world and all the attention could draw the wrong people to her", commented one user.

"Your main priority as a mother or father is to protect your child at all costs". The parents of the Tila - soccer player Patrick Blondeau and actress Veronica Loubry - sent back to my four daughters in one of the leading model agencies, and thus began the career of little beauty.

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