Sufjan Stevens releases a haunting song about Tonya Harding

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After a screening of the movie for the Writer's Guild of America in NYC on November 29, the film's director Craig Gillespie said Harding saw the movie before the premiere, and while there were parts she certainly wasn't insane about (i.e., the "incident"), overall, Harding loved it. Today, Stevens released a new song that also seems related to the cinema of the moment: that is, the new, a one-off called "Tonya Harding", for which he wrote an in-depth accompanying essay. Harding pled guilty to hindering the prosecution following the attack on Kerrigan and was subsequently banned from the U.S. Figure Skating Association for life. Tonya Harding was an American figure skater who enthralled a nation and switched so many hearts and minds form traditional sports to the spellbinding feat of figure skating.

The song, which you can hear above (or on Spotify, where he dropped two versions), is a sparkling and ethereal elegy for Harding's career and reputation that laments her tragic downfall-one that, despite the extent of her involvement, is inextricably linked to lifetime of abuse, poverty, and the savage court of public opinion. "I'm totally star struck right now".

Robbie wasn't alone in her excitement over Harding's appearance.

The audience inside the Egyptian Theatre was no less in awe: Harding reportedly received a standing ovation when she came out onstage after the film had screened. "She really was an underdog just chasing the American dream". "I think she found it emotional to watch". Over the years, she has appeared in a few reality television shows, including as a contestant on Celebrity Boxing in 2002.

Robbie had previously told the magazine how she visited with Harding before filming began, and was surprised to find a woman who cared more about her well-being than the movie being filmed about her life.