Sonos and Ikea tease collaboration, possibly Sonos controls embedded in furniture

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Your favorite Swedish-inspired furniture retailer wants to make your home a more musical place with Sonos. IKEA and Sonos haven't shared any specifics about this new partnership, merely speaking in broad, rather vague terms about what it will be. But if the duo can figure out how to build good-quality speakers into Ikea furniture that can be controlled by Sonos' software, count me in.

It's also possible that Sonos and Ikea are simply working together to create ideal settings for showing how Sonos devices might fit into homes by using Ikea displays.

The collaboration is a little unexpected, since Sonos is considered a premium brand and Ikea is budget home furnishing Plus Sonos is very limited in their product line - they sell exactly 9 products, meaning even a small collaboration with Ikea could potentially double the amount of products they make. Ikea didn't share too many details of what the companies plan to launch in stores in 2019, but said the products will combine "great design, music, and sound" to help people "create the right atmosphere in their home".

"At Sonos we understand the transformational power of music in the home", says Patrick Spence, CEO at Sonos.

IKEA has announced that is now working with Sonos on a line of products dedicated to 'future home sound experiences, ' to be launched in 2019. "We believe that sound should be a considered element of home design, and together we will work with IKEA to create products and experiences that make people's home look and sound more awesome".