Rupert Murdoch's vineyard estate threatened by Bel-Air fire

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Even Rupert Murdoch's Moraga Estate vineyard is not immune to the flames, which NBC 4 in Los Angeles reported was being consumed in the 125 acre brush fire.

The current crisis follows the deadliest series of wildfires in California's history, which spread through Nothern California in October.

State fire director Ken Pimlott said winds that eased in the afternoon could return with gusts up to 80mph on Thursday that would make it impossible to fight the fire. By 2:00p, 3 helicopters had dropped water on the portion of the vineyard that was on fire.

Tanden was then asked by a Twitter user, "You seriously hope that your political appointees have their homes burned down?"

Rupert Murdoch's multimillion-dollar property in Bel-Air has been evacuated as possibly damaged, though the owner believes the winery and house remain intact as the Skirball Fire descends on the tony community.

Mr Murdoch's property at 1050 Moraga Avenue was bought in August 2013 for US$28.8 million from former Northrop Corp CEO Tom Jones.

In a Facebook statement, Mr Murdoch said some neighbours suffered heavy losses and his thoughts and prayers were with them.

Los Angeles is being scorched at the moment thanks to some fairly unprecedented wildfires that are now overrunning some of the wealthier, more-celebrity filled areas of the city, forcing mass evacuations. The fire is now being fought by hundreds of firefighters, Los Angeles Daily News reports, and at least four homes have already been destroyed.

About 700 homes, an apartment building and a school were ordered evacuated.