Revisit Your 2017 Listening Habits with Spotify's Year in Music

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A collection of all the music stats to surprise you (or, more often than not, confirm all your worst suspicions) when it comes to your listening habits over the previous year.

Spotify's annual Wrapped feature is now up to give users insights into what they streamed over the past twelve months. The new analytics-based music exploration site allows you to relive all the music you discovered and loved in 2017, and helps you set listening goals for 2018.

Once connected, the website takes you on a trip through your year, including just how many minutes of music you've listened to as well has how many songs, artists, and genres.

Plus, Spotify will test you on how well you know yourself, making you guess your top-played artist, song, and genre before revealing you the truth.

It'll even make a 'ones that got away' playlist, tailored specifically to your taste and focusing on the artists and songs that you'd probably like, judging by your taste.

The streaming giant also released data on platform-wide performance: Ed Sheeran was Spotify's most-streamed artist in 2017, followed by Drake, The Weeknd, and Kendrick Lamar.