PlayStation 4 Consoles Top 70M Sold, PSVR Passes 2M Sold

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As of December 3, the console of PlayStation 4 has accumulated 70.6 million sales worldwide, bringing together sales of the PS4 Standard and the PS4 Pro. "But we can't ignore the Nintendo Switch, which has also captured consumers' attention", Sony Senior General Manager of Corporate Planning & Control Department Kazuhiko Takeda told Japan's Nikkei today.

That hard work seems to be paying off for Sony, too.

Kazuhiko Takeda, Head of Corporate Planning for the electronics giant, made it clear that the Switch is a sure-fire competitor within the video game business, and not something Sony can afford to ignore.

The market is of course larger than just Japan.

The PS4 actually passed its milestone last week, overtaking 5.5 million units sold since February 22th, 2014.

It will be interesting to see if the Switch continues to be a popular console for Nintendo, the device is expected to be one of the most popular consoles this holiday season. On the gaming side, the firm does not have to blush since it accounts for a total of 617.8 million sales at the same date, accounting for both physical and digital sales.

As for Sony's virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR cumulatively sold through over 2 million units worldwide and sold over 12.2 million copies of its 150 titles via retail and digital sales as of December 3. Furthermore, Sony said there are more than 130 PSVR games in development due out by the end of 2018.

The Switch may be enjoying even more succes than the Wii did during its early days, and the console's portable play differentiator may seem to have more staying power than the Wii's motion controls.

The PlayStation 4 continues to dominate its rival, Microsoft's Xbox One console.