Gay Man Denied Marriage License by Kim Davis Wants Her Job

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A man who was denied a same-sex marriage license by county clerk Kim Davis in Kentucky announced Wednesday he will run against her next year.

David Ermold has lived in Rowan County for 14 years, according to CNN; and has been romantically involved with his husband David Moore since 1998, as mentioned in the "Background" of the appeals court ruling reviving Ermold and Moore's lawsuit against Davis, which says that "On July 6, 2015, David Ermold and David Moore, two male residents of Rowan County, Kentucky, who had by that time been in a committed relationship for seventeen years, applied for a marriage license at the Rowan County Clerk's Office". "I will build upon the successes of the past, and I will seek solutions for the challenges we may still face".

Ermold and Moore finally obtained a license and were married in November 2015. She has held the clerkship since 2014, and her mother held it before that.

"She's not interested in any other office", Staver said. He has two master's degrees, one in English and the other in communications, and teaches English at the University of Pikeville.

Davis, meanwhile, has become a hero for many on the religious right. "I think I could win", Ermold told the AP.

Davis spent five days in jail in September 2015 after refusing a court order to issue marriage licenses following the Supreme Court's decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

Davis's attorney, Mat Staver, attacked Ermold as a novice who would have "no idea how to run a clerk's office". He said he is exhausted of the "divide and conquer" style of politics that has come to dominate most elections, where candidates purposefully take stances to energize some voters while angering everyone else. Asked if she thought she deserved to be re-elected, Davis said: "That will be up to the people". He wants to tell people who have been discriminated against, as he has, that there is room to succeed.

Now, he's confident he can defeat Davis in the race despite her having a number of organizations supporting her. Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, both former 2016 Republican presidential candidates, also previously supported Davis when she was in jail.

Jackie Matthews is one of those people.

Davis's mother was the previous clerk, and Davis's son works in the clerk's office, as well.

"You have to serve all the people, not just the ones you agree with", she said. He said he's aware that Davis could get a lot of outside help in the campaign, but hopes Rowan voters will recognize the importance of restoring integrity to the office. She said in an email on Wednesday that she helped Ermold with his candidacy paperwork. "These are issues that are important to all of us".

Retired Morehead instructor Joe Sartor said the community is pretty divided over Davis, so he thinks Ermold has a shot. "I think I do a good job". "I stand by her 10,000 percent".