Delhi Government Lifts All Exemptions Under Odd-Even Scheme

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If implemented, this will be the third time Delhi will bear witness to the implementation of the odd-even rule.

As per the reports, in their action plan, Delhi Government told NGT that Odd-even will be implemented without exemptions if the pollution level touches the sever category.

Delhi government will not give any exemption to women when it implements the odd-even policy to combat pollution in the city.

NGT had slammed the Delhi government last month for wanting to exempt women drivers and two-wheelers from the odd-even vehicle rationing scheme that was scheduled from 13 to 19 November in the national capital.

The change in the stance regarding the odd-even policy is, without doubt, the biggest highlight of the new action plan. Also, the immediate closure of all pollution causing industries has also been recommended by the state government to the tribunal.

The tribunal had on Wednesday slammed the Delhi government and the neighbouring states over their action plan on ways to deal with severe air pollution in the city. "However, you need to state both PM 2.5 and PM 10 concentration levels, which are not harmful to human health and tolerable", noted the bench.

The government also plans to run more buses to provide a hassle-free experience for commuters and Delhi Metro will increase the frequency and number of carriages during this period.

Earlier, the NGT had directed the Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi Pollution Control Committee and every state pollution control board to file ambient air quality analysis before the tribunal on monthly basis and also put up on their websites to enable the concerned authority to take effective steps to control air pollution. The bench further said that once formulated, actions under these action plans would need to be taken by each state depending on the air quality levels without any excuse. "In this country, it is a dream to have prescribed norms of air quality", the bench observed.