Consumer Reports Rates iPhone X Lower Than 8, 8 Plus in Testing

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The device survived four falls on a concrete surface from a height of five feet. The tumbler is a rotating chamber that repeatedly drops a phone from a height of about 2.5 feet. After going through 100 drops, the glass back suffered major damage.

The goal of all that repetition is to expose the phone to impacts from a wide variety of angles.

The foldable iPhone patent was granted along with 50 others, including patents for a magnetic iPad stand, a system for sensing fingers and hands hovering over a device display, and AirPod earbuds equipped with biometric sensors that can measure galvanic skin response and cardiac signals.

While Amazon's deals have expired, if you're a T-Mobile customer (or plan on switching), the Magenta network is now offering a buy one, get one free discount on all of Samsung's current Galaxy flagships, from the S8 to the Note 8.

In its report, Consumer Reports made some complaints about the iPhone X battery life and says that it does not last as long as the battery in Samsung phones like Galaxy S8.

'In light of those results, we recommend that you protect any of these phones in a case, ' Consumer Reports said.

The site praised the iPhone X's display, pointing to its overall brightness and vibrant colors, along with the deep black levels. That device isn't thought to be one of Samsung's flagship Galaxy phones, but at the right price it could find a market niche from which its arch-rival Apple is missing.

Based on the company's testing, the good points of the iPhone X include its superb camera, which is still rated as one of the best of the best in the game.

'In our initial drop test, the iPhone X performed just fine, ' the site said.

This is consistent with the results for other recent Apple phones, including the 7- and 8-series iPhones, which also did well in our water-immersion tests.

The Consumer Report recently conducted several tests on the new iPhone X. These tests included tests in handling, durability, battery life, functionality and special features.

It should be mentioned that Consumer Reports and Apple don't exactly get along well since the tussle over the MacBook Pro's rating came out. The phone seems to unlock as soon as you pick it up and even think about making a call. In our extensive testing we found that the S8's gorgeous design, powerful processor, and battery efficiency is simply unparalleled in the smartphone industry. If you use any phone's auto, or adaptive, brightness, the battery should last longer.

The Face ID also gave the iPhone X a boost. The iPhone X lasted only for 19.5 hours in the battery test on the other side Samsung S8 lasted for 26 hours and the iPhone 8Plus lasted for 21 hours.

While for many people 19.5 hours is enough to get them through the day, it's still shorter than the majority of the 38 smartphones we recommend.

While the iPhone X is the most advanced flagship Apple has released, it's not the best iPhone you can buy, at least according to product testing and research publication Consumer Reports.