Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani forcefully kisses Shilpa Shinde, fans outrage

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Vikas convinced Puneesh to ensure that he won the task.

Following Vikas's strategy Hiten Tejwani also helped Arshi in winning the captaincy. Hina says that Vikas needs a baby sitter.

The first round of the task is complete, and Shilpa has some fun by making Priyank and Luv's doll sleep together. Hina asks him what happened, and Priyank says he has no idea.

At the end of the task only Arshi and Hina were left. Arshi doesn't like her doll Arshi Khan gets the doll which has Shilpa's face on it. The task's second half will be continued tomorrow. On bad terms with Shilpa since a while, Arshi ill-treats her doll, flinging it across the lawn, dipping it in the pool and then later not making it to the parking lot on objective to remove Shilpa from the captaincy race. But then the preview drops enough hints that Hiten might have changed sides, and if that's true, Arshi will become the next captain. And then of course, Arshi, who has sworn-enemy Shilpa's doll, drowns and damages it, moving Shilpa out of the race. Priyank abused Luv, and he lost his temper. Arshi began crying as Akash consoled her while Vikas confided in Hiten. Hina says that he can not go since the alarm will ring any moment. Hina tells Luv that Hiten doesn't have a spine and follows Vikas' orders.

Arshi later asked Hiten if Vikas supported anyone.

In an interesting twist, Priyank, whose doll is in Shilpa's custody, tells her to save the doll as he wants to be the captain. The alarm rings and Hiten is in the living area. Hina shouts at Hiten for not going in the parking and calls him a Spineless. On the buzzer, Hiten goes to the parking but Vikas blocks his path. Hiten doesnt retaliate. While he is still inside the house, Divya chose to end her relationship with him.

Buzz is that among Arshi and Hina, who succeeded in reaching the top two position of the captaincy task, the former became the captain of the house. As Priyank fails to park the pram, Puneesh is out of the captaincy race.

Bandgi Kalra just got evicted from the Big Boss house and she has spilled the beans on some of the biggest secrets related to her personal life and the show.

In the last episode, Luv and Priyank were seen talking to each other where the former said that the way Salman Khan is appreciating Shilpa Shinde every weekend, is bothering Hina.