Apple Reportedly Developing 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone With Metal Back Case

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The LCD iPhone, meanwhile, will cost between $650 and $900. "The 6.1-inch LCD model will likely sport a metal back [like older iPhone handsets] and will come in several colors", the source was quoted as saying. Casetek now supplies Apple with LCD screens for its iPads, so it could also be tapped by Apple to supply the new iPhone model with LCD panels. The source also said Apple is tentatively planning two new handsets equipped with organic light-emitting diode displays. Retaining the LCD models will also help beef up the iPhone lineup, as they will be available in different colors. A new report fresh from Japan is claiming that the Cupertino giant is in the process of developing a 6.1-inch handset with LCD screen.

Nikkei's source further divulged that Apple is outfitting the LCD model with a metal back case - the same one used on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. And now, there are reports that Apple will be launching three phones in 2018 as well.

It would seem an odd move, as the switch to glass was in large part to allow for wireless charging, a feature which might be sacrificed if Apple moves back to metal, but then given its LCD screen this would likely be a relatively budget model.

Apple may have reservations about using OLED exclusively, as it relies entirely on Samsung for the panels, said Eric Chiou, an analyst at Taipei-based research company WitsView.

Next year's LCD iPhone is expected to be the more affordable option, with Apple also introducing a new OLED model at around 6.5-inches (KGI says 6.5-inches, Nikkei says "either 6.2 or 6.3-inches"). It's unclear how big it'll be, but the analysts say the phone will have the same TrueDepth camera that powers the 3D facial recognition system inside the iPhone X. The display will not have 3D Touch, and it'll feature a single-lens camera on the back. So it's best to take all these rumors with a grain of salt. Casetek, subsidiary of iPhone assembler Pagatron will win for sure as it is already testing casings for new LCD iPhone model.