Google Search updates features to keep you on the platform

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Google is continuing its push to make its services accessible for people with lower-end mobile devices or slow internet connections after it introduced Google Go, a data-friendly search app.

Powered by Google's algorithm, featured snippets generate highlights to provide quick and relevant answers to your search.

Of the updates, the most novel is that now, when users search for multiple terms related to a topic, Google will identify the topic and offer related searches. Instead of diving into various websites after a search, Google wants to serve the information it thinks you're after.

Previously, Google Search might have displayed a text article relating to the topic, or maybe an image.

"Using an example of searches for the famed soccer players Neymar and Messi, Google says searchers will see suggestions for related topics, "... to discover other athletes during your search session".

Lastly, related topics for search results will now appear at the top of search.

Amy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

Featured Snippets (below left) and Knowledge Panels (below right) will also feature related searches, with the former displaying more images.

On Tuesday, Google also announced new efforts at improving mental health through search results.

"Search is not just about answering your questions - it's also about discovery", Google product manager Michael Galvez wrote. Google gives us an example where you might be searching for information on World Cup soccer. Starting today, snippets will include more photos and related searches.