Fitbit Updates Ionic Smartwatch With More Apps

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Fitbit promised that, much like the Pebble smartwatch (which Fitbit acquired), app development would eventually transform what the Fitbit Ionic could do. Along with those already mentioned, apps available today for free download include the female health tracking app Clue, Game Golf's score tracker, which will give precise distances to the green, Surfline, The New York Times app, TripAdvisor and United Airlines. Will more apps help?

Lastly, for Fitbit Ionic global users, Fitbit announced a partnership with Deezer, to bring the ability to listen to music from their wrist, no phone required.

Fitbit wants to go after the Apple Watch.

Here's the changelog for the new update.

This new Fitbit Ionic software update is rolling out now.

The $299.95 Fitbit Ionic is available in various styles.

At-a-glance access to your personal friend network with the new Fitbit Leaderboard app. See where you stack up against family, friends and coworkers as you motivate each other to reach your goals. "Its biggest flaw is that it is not, in any meaningful way, an interactive smartwatch", the review noted.

The new upgrade also brings 100 new watch faces, adding to the handful of digital-only faces that were included originally.

How many apps will be good ones?

Jon Oakes, Fitbit's vice president of product, said the update was "just the start" of planned future enhancements.

Introduction of Fitbit Labs, an initiative led by Fitbit's Research and Development team that is focused on building unique apps and clock faces from the latest smart technologies and behavioral insights. According to Fitbit, this initiative will provide a testing ground for potential new features in the form of experimental apps and smart clock faces created to motivate users and drive behavior change, giving the company a highly scalable way to test new features and analyze anonymous user data and feedback to help accelerate the development of future technologies. Fitbit Pet (a fitness game mixed with a virtual pet app, which sounds similar to Pebble's popular FitCat app), another game-fitness hybrid called Treasure Trek, Mood Log (a mood-logging watch face that looks for patterns), a mental-acuity game encouraging sleep habits called Think Fast and a tennis-tracking app are coming in the next month.