There's a new X-Files game coming out next year

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While we are still couple months off from the premiere of the next season of the series in January, it looks like a new game is coming to mobile and also Facebook to complement the show. And the game's title, X-Files: Deep State, suggests that it will follow series tradition by freely combining real-world headlines with more out-there horror and science fiction concepts. And it's a sign that entertainment companies like Fox understand the potential of mobile games, which have become a $50 billion business, according to market researcher Newzoo.

You play a new agent who works alongside Agent Dale (Mulder and Scully are nowhere to be seen) as you investigate "mysterious crime scenes that defy explanation". Apparently, players will take on the role of an Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent and solve puzzles, interrogate witnesses and suspects, find hidden clues and so on. It will be free-to-play but will also include in-game purchases. Players make moral decisions that will impact the story. It will feature character customization options too, with players choosing the appearance and style of their character. The game will try to balance dynamic gameplay with an engaging storyline.

It will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian - as that pretty much covers all the places where aliens like to harass humans.

In addition to the main storyline, Deep State will have self-contained episodes that take on standalone paranormal cases.

Longtime fans may recall that there was a full motion video adventure game released almost 20 years ago - in fact, it seems insane to me to now that I never played it. It had a sequel, The X-Files: Resist or Serve, on the PlayStation 2 in 2004.