Plex Media Server To Kill Commercials (And CPU)

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Attempt to automatically detect and remove commercials from recordings.

If like me you get annoyed by the amount of commercials embedded in between movies and online TV series you have recorded, you are sure to be interested in a new feature added to the Plex DVR software. Once that is installed you will have a "Remove Commercial" option in the Plex Server Settings for Live TV and DVR. The new feature allows the watcher to skip over all the commercials in a TV program and sounds very similar to the Dish AutoHop feature that drew rage and legal action when it debuted back in 2012. Keep in mind, however, that the media center service cautions that removing commercials from your recordings might take forever to complete and the process could require high CPU usage.

Visit the official Plex website for more details on the services and software available to set up your own Plex media server and entertainment suite via the link below.

The feature is part of Plex DVR, which is a combination of a DVR box and a media streamer.

In addition to a tuner and antenna, users only need a Plex Pass, which costs $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year, or $149.99 for a lifetime subscription to use the Plex DVR feature and now the remove commercials option.

As cord cutting continues to grow, marketers will still need to make money.