County unemployment rate declined in October

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The other four have either increased or were stagnant.

The unemployment rate in OH decreased in 39 counties, increased in 23 others and remained unchanged in 26.

Wyoming's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate went up from 4.0 percent in September to 4.2 percent in October, according to a new state report. The number of unemployed was 2,500, down from 3,000 previous year. However, the number of people who were employed increased 200, bringing the labor force to 48,000. Out of the 1,413 jobs, 1,302 were full-time opportunities with 30 percent of them being middle-income jobs with salaries between $30,000 and $49,000 a year. The county's unemployment rate was the 25th highest among Ohio's 88 counties.

The number of unemployed declined by 600 to 14,000, but the number of employed also declined by 100 to 228,600.

In comparison to one year ago unemployment has dropped significantly.

The report shows that unemployment actually went down in 21 of the state's counties, while it went up in Teton County and stayed the same in Laramie County at 3.6 percent. That rate grew to 3.1 percent in October, reflecting the end of the summer tourist season and transition into the fall shoulder season. The number of employed increased by 300 to 45,400.