Watch Series 3 Helps Apple Inc. Reclaim Its Wearables Crown

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According to market tracker Canalys, Apple shipped 3.9 million watches in the third quarter, but only 800,000 with an LTE wireless modem included. Huawei is in fourth place, but its share of 6% means it's unlikely to pose a threat to the top three in the near future. In contrast, market researchers like IDC do not include wireless headphones in the wearables category unless they include other additional features, such as health/fitness tracking, integrated artificial intelligence (AI) that isn't just coming through a paired smartphone, augmented audio, or real-time translation.

These are still the names in the top 3 - for Q3 2017 Apple leads, followed by Xiaomi and Fitbit.

After a short disruption by Xiaomi, Apple Inc. The report attributes part the success to the new Apple Watch Series 3, which hit global sales as high as 3.9 million.

Traditionally, the third-quarter is seen as the weakest period for sales as potential buyers hold off until the holidays, but according to Canalys, all top vendors registered a growth in shipments.

Have you or are planning on buying an Apple Watch Series 3 before the end of the year? It must be noted that the Watch Series 3 was only on sale for the last ten days of the quarter ending September.

Offering a "tetherless" experience along with highlighting the health features of the app has surely worked in favor of the USA firm.

The release of the company's third generation smartwatch has helped boost the company's fortunes. However, some of the markets got the LTE variant as well.

Canalys analyst Jason Low notes that cellular connectivity appears to be driving demand, which is mitigating concerns at wireless carriers that consumers aren't interested in cellular smartwatches (a concern that I shared previously).

In China, the Apple Watch LTE access is now disabled by the government.

At its earnings call, Apple said the Apple Watch grew 50% year-over-year in sales but continued its silence on revealing exact numbers for its wearables.