Volunteers needed to knit, crochet red hats for newborns

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The red hats will be given to thousands of babies to encourage parents to live healthy lives for themselves and their children. The hats are distributed to babies with and without heart defects.

Calling all knitters and crocheters with a big heart. "My son Robby was diagnosed with two congenital heart defects, an atrial septal defect and pulmonary valve stenosis, and required open heart surgery at the age of nine-and-a-half months old".

The organization is looking for volunteers to knit or crochet infant-sized hats to support the third-annual Little Hats, Big Hearts program. Go to http://www.heart.org/littlehatsbighearts to find knitting patterns, participating AHA offices and more.

The American Heart Association website has information on who to contact in participating states.

The project, called Little Hats, Big Hearts, has been created to honour and celebrate babies, mothers and living heart-healthily.

As part of the program, volunteers are asked to use cotton or acrylic yarn to make the hats.

Little Hats, Big hearts began in Chicago in 2014.

Now, however, the campaign has expanded to more than 40 states.

In collaboration with The Children's Heart Foundation, the program called "Little Hats, Big Hearts aims to promote awareness about heart disease and congenital heart defects".