VERIFY: Can a felon legally have a gun in Texas?

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The Texas church shooting that killed 25 and an unborn child, a concert shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and those killed on the NY bike trail all happened within a few weeks of one another - and all occurred in places or at events where people wouldn't necessarily think to be concerned for their safety. That same day, the church building was opened as a memorial to the slain. What happened at First Baptist Church is every pastor's worst nightmare.

Donald Trump appeared to get his mass shootings mixed up when he offered his condolences for Sutherland Springs, Texas, Tuesday night - in the wake of a massacre in Northern California. "We were having vacation Bible school and. all they wanted to do was hug on me".

At the famous Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston's inner city, police officers patrolled outside while male church members known as "Watchmen" stood in front of the pulpit. "We want to talk with our citizens and church leaders about potential threats", said Chief Mark Weeks.

Though the issue of gun ownership and use in the USA is a divisive one, when it comes to caring for the well-being of our fellow humans, it does not matter what side of the argument you are on: If you're a Christian, you are called to love your neighbor as yourself.

"It affects your community, so you definitely feel the ripples", Miano said.

"A lot of people walk around not really paying attention to what's going on around them, and they should be saying, 'Well, if something was going on here, what would I do?'" Officer LaPorte said.

Aidan Miano, a freshman in the College of Business Administration and a Dallas native, said he had been through Sutherland Springs, where the shooting happened, and New Braunfels, the hometown of shooter Devin Kelley.

Church officials had expected about 500 people to attend Sunday's service but dozens more chairs were added.

The sanctuary will remain open for people to stop in to pray.

Twitter users quickly slammed Trump with many calling out his inability to remember each mass shooting that has taken place this year.

"I just want to make sure the public, this small community, was aware of some of those steps that you could take", Weeks said. His daughter was known as Annabelle R. Pomeroy.

The congregation held the service at a baseball field, setting up folding chairs under a large white tent.

The terrible tragedy at First Baptist Church in Texas has sent ripples of fear through churches across the United States. Lorenzo was first impacted by gun violence in 1980 when his 25-year-old mother was shot and killed in a domestic violence incident, and just last year, he lost his 18-year-old nephew to gun violence.

People from other churches have dropped off handmade presents such as prayer cloths and tiny wooden crosses and mental health organizations have provided tissues and brought therapy dogs to the service.

Initial plans called for gathering at a community center that could house a few dozen people.

Sens. (Calif.) and (Mass.) also joined their colleagues in condemning the lack of action.