Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard is spill-proof for wet'n'wild gamers

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Sometimes these spills are minor where the liquid won't permanently damage our keyboards, but sometimes it can be pretty bad where it basically ruins it completely. But Razer's new BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard wants to save itself from an untimely death - it's water and dust resistant, making it sturdier than your average set of keys. When you're snacking away at your desk while playing the latest titles, this keyboard won't be bothered by an accidental crumb or drink falling between the keys.

Razer redesigns its BlackWidow keyboard with IP54 water protection
Razer's latest gaming keyboard is water and dust-resistant

Keyword here is: resistance and not waterproof so don't be immersing your keyboard in water to clean it.

Beyond that, it's a familiar formula: you're getting Razer's mechanical switches (the Green Switch, to be exact) with 10-key anti-ghosting and full programming support. You'll be able to configure the backlighting effects and profiles using Razer's Synapse software. "The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is now more durable than ever and our first mechanical keyboard to incorporate water- and dust-resistant features". Other specifications of the BlackWidow Ultimate include progammable keys with on-the-fly macro recording, a gaming mode, as well as 1000Hz ultrapolling. The keyboard is available on Razerzone.com for $ 109.99 and will be available Worldwide in Q4 of 2017.

It's a risky situation for the average keyboard to find itself in, and so many inevitably fall victim to spilled drinks and sandwich crumbs.