Racism is Alive in NH: Hate Crimes Spike from 2015 to 2016

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Of the universities and colleges that reported separately to the FBI, Boston University tallied the most hate crimes.

There were 6,121 hate crimes in the US last year, up from 5,850 the year before, according to the FBI's Hate Crime Statistics, 2016.

The statistics are reported voluntarily by local law-enforcement.

The FBI released its 2016 hate crime statistics report Monday, November 13.

Additional FBI data shows that more than half of the bias-motivated crimes reported in MA were related to the race or ethnicity of the victim. And while the number of jurisdictions reporting hate crimes data increased to 15,251 in 2016 from 14,997 in 2015, this is still less than the 15,494 agencies that reported in 2014. Of the offenses reported, 47 targeted those with mental disabilities while 29 related to physical disabilities.

"If law enforcement agencies fail to document the true extent of hate crimes against our communities, our nation will have a hard time mobilising the political will and resources necessary to prevent and combat the problem", said Singh. Anti-Islamic hate crimes made up 24.8 percent of those crimes in 2016, up from 22.2 percent the year before. The number of participating agencies also varies from year to year. In both years, anti-Semitic incidents accounted for just over half of religious hate crimes and about 11 percent of hate crimes of all types.

The FBI's data meshes with what Floridians told New Times most of previous year: Scores of residents reported getting screamed at, harassed, and otherwise treated in a hostile manner across the state in 2016.

Accounting for the number of incidents and national population demographics, that means black people are far more likely to be victims of hate crimes than white people.

Of those single-bias offences in 2016, almost 58 per cent were motivated by race, ethnicity or ancestry bias, while 21 per cent were driven by religious bias and about 18 per cent were caused due to bias towards sexual orientation. About one percent involved anti-Arab crimes. Those numbers come from 300 new reporting agencies, covering six million Americans, which did not report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2015.