Marquise Goodwin Says 'Never Stop Believing' After Death of Infant Son

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Goodwin spoke to Bay Area media via a conference call on Tuesday. The play helped set the tone for the game and was one of four touchdowns scored by the 49ers on Sunday. "Coming in the game, I wasn't really in it, because I had just lost my baby".

After the tragedy, Marquise helped lead his team to victory against the Giants by catching an 83-yard touchdown pass. "Please Pray for the Goodwin family.????" Then he placed his head on the grass. "It wasn't something that was planned or anything". There are a lot of guys in that situation who would not have been able to do that.

Morgan told People that she endured a miscarriage in 2013 and the couple has been trying fertility treatments for some time.

"She insisted that I go play in the game, because she understood my team needed me", he said, according to 95.7.

"[Morgan] encouraged me, raised my spirits, helped me get ready. It speaks more about her character than mine".

"We didn't realize that sharing our journey with this baby would gain this many people (who support us)", Goodwin said via Eric Branch of The San Francisco Chronicle.

"It would have made it (out publicly) anyway so why not put it out there so I could kind of narrate my own story instead of letting somebody else do it or people have these assumptions", Goodwin said. "That's what's so cool about the situation is my wife, how supportive and encouraging she is".

Hours after the death of his son, Goodwin somehow found the endurance to play a professional football game. He blew a kiss toward the sky as he crossed the goal line before falling to his knees in the end zone.

Later that night, he announced the loss of his baby. Although we are hurt, I am grateful for the experience and grateful that God blessed me with a wife as courageous and resilient as Morgan.

"I felt joy in holding my baby even though it was a sad moment", Morgan told PEOPLE. "And regardless of whether he played good or bad, the fact that he was out there and tried his hardest and tried to help us was the most important [thing]".