Google adds salary information to job searches

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"Paysa is thrilled to help consumers across a wide spectrum who are using Google to find their next job with the opportunity to do so based on what they can expect to make in a certain role - a key piece of information that has always been missing from the job search process", said Nikhil Raj, co-founder and head of product at Paysa.

Jobs without salary information will receive a comparison for the estimated range of that job, said Google.

Google adds salary information to job searches
Google adds salary information to job searches

By way of a quick recap, the internet giant announced the Google for Jobs program at the company's annual I/O developer conference back in May, highlighting plans to scour job listings posted across the web and collate them directly within Google Search.

Powering the salary feature on Google Job Search furthers Paysa's goal to empower employees with the personalized information they need to make the best career decisions and maximize their salaries.

With the newly added features, people searching for jobs will see estimated pay ranges for positions based on things like the job title, location and the company posting the job.

Estimated salaries from Google and Paysa offers fresh salary information, now covering 65 million professional jobs. This lets you visit the detailed listing on the website of your preference. You can also now save the job straight from search and have a list available on all your devices.

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Finally, finding the right job for you can take time. "Since then, we've seen more than 60 percent of employers showing jobs in Search and connected tens of millions of people to new job opportunities".

This is not the just which Google has upgraded with its Google job search platform, it also added some filters over there which will help you in selecting your desired location in which you are seeking for a job. The company said it would continue to develop the features based on user feedback.