Female Dem says at least two current members engaged in sexual harassment

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"What are we doing here for women right now", she added, "who are dealing with someone like that?" She did not know the identity of the congressman.

Both House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky support ramping up sexual harassment training, as does House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat.

Rep. Jackie Speier at the same hearing said there are two current members who have been involved in sexual harassment.

"Our goal is not only to raise awareness, but also make abundantly clear that harassment in any form has no place in this institution", Ryan said.

The Senate last week approved a resolution instituting mandatory harassment training for members and aides, a shift from the current voluntary standard.

"There are a lot of tales of these guys going out and behaving very badly with younger staffers", said a former House staffer. "All they ask in return is that we fix our abusive system and hold perpetrators accountable". As Republicans distance themselves from Moore, lawmakers in the House and Senate are working to address sexual misconduct in the Congressional workplace.

"A young staffer had been asked to go to a member's residence to bring some documents and was greeted by a member in a towel who then brought her in and exposed himself and she left and she chose to quit the office and has moved on", Comstock said.

"It is like, the place where complaints go to die", the former staffer said.

Speier, who revealed her own history of being sexually harassed when she was a staffer on the Hill, is calling for mandatory harassment training for all members and staffers.

"Obviously, that's not the right approach", he said.

The lawmaker said that now, if a victim of harassment were to report to the compliance office, they would first be required to undergo mandatory counseling for 30 days.

On Nov. 14, over 50 sources who now or previously worked in Congress said that they had experienced sexual harassment or knew someone who had been harassed.

She also noted that cases between staff members and lawmakers are "very rare" and that mediation cases are overwhelmingly between two staff members.

Speier told CNN's "New Day" earlier Tuesday that current policy dictates that individuals coming forward with harassment complaints have to go through a three-month process.

Rep. Barbara ComstockBarbara Jean ComstockWilson endorses Foxx as next House Education chairman House transfers DC Metro board appointments to DOT Dems target DC-area GOP rep on Metro funding MORE (R-Va.), a member of the House Administration Committee, said she had heard of an unidentified male lawmaker who exposed himself to a young female staffer. "By the way. the general counsel of the House is representing the harasser". "But mandatory training is one very important component of trying to stop this".